Tuesday, December 09, 2014

I will be famous!

Famous emotion reseracher Paul Ekman, in response to Lisa Feldman Barrett, stated, "if you can show Ekman's wrong, you'll be famous".

Paul Ekman was the guy who mapped facial expressions to emotions in detail. So he states the body is a machine, and emotions can be mapped to patterns of muscular activity.

So let's dismantle this:

1. In an interview with June Gruber from Yale University, Ekman claims there are typical expressions that show already 20 seconds before violent behavior occurs. However he does not want to mention which, so people who are going to be violent don't know what they have to suppress.



If these are suppressable, then the emotional machine may not be as much machine as he makes us think.

2. There are reports, that in his lab they spent effort to control every involved muscle singularly and voluntarily, which apparently does work.

If this works, then there can also be meta-organization on those expressions, which modulate the whole picture of emotion.

Am I now going to be famous?!