Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Rooms of Consciousness

Here is a first attempt at a paper on clarifying the mind-body problem. It was never turned in and I've completely rewritten it as the chosen path was too figurative. As the metaphor I developed helped a lot sorting my thoughts, I'm happy to share.

Here is a shortened abstract:

It appears that science shares a common problem with talking about meditation: The fallacy of trying to recreate observation from that which is observed can be re-entered on every level of understanding, however progressed our understanding may be. The argument about dichotomies of ideas in psychology has been going on since the rise of the discipline. The progress of this mind-body debate is fundamental to human cognition.
 Taking Thomas Kuhn personally, I will illustrate this problem by painting a room of consciousness analyzing different aspects of this argument to show that scientific research and logic alone will not be able to advance us to an integrated view of the mind-body problem. Without a thorough understanding of the contemporary, scientific consensus on consciousness, mind and body we lack a satisfying foundation for scientific studies.